Benefits of DEA Delivery

Metropix's DEA solution allows Energy Assessor to quickly & easily create floor plans for agents as part of the EPC.

Easy for DEA to use 

Simply register for a DEA account today - it's free to registered DEAs making it the most economical solution around. Once you’ve drawn a plan, using our easy-to-use, 'drag and drop' drawing system... simply send it to the agent at the click of a button!

Easy for Agents to use

When your plan is delivered to your account, it simply picks up all your preferences and you can download it and use it right away! Having your own account also enables you to retain full control of your floor plans, meaning you can quickly & easily amend any aspect of the plan at any time. Our system is so simple, that changing room names and measurements is as easy as 123 - important not only to satisfy vendors, but also to help protect against potential CPR issues.


Not only is this  a cost effective solution to producing plans for Agents, it also allows you to implement a more efficient work flow. Agents have the ability to make changes instantly online themselves, removing you from the amendment process.

Fully compatible

There's no software to download, in fact you can access your account or draw plans from anywhere, anytime - as long as you are working from a device with a PC operating system.

Explore other drawing options and features


Access to millions of historical floor plans to use as a template, saving you valuable time.

Draw Your Own

Create professional floor plans in minutes with our easy-to-use, 'drag and drop' drawing system.


Stand out from the crowd - customise your plans with our bespoke colour, logo and styling options.