Benefits of Draw Your Own

There are plenty of reasons why thousands of busy Estate Agents choose our ‘DIY’ drawing option - it's quick, it's easy and it delivers market-ready floor plans in a matter of minutes!

Easy to use 

Metropix makes it possible to offer floor plans on all of your listings by providing you with a simple tool that will allow you to create your floor plans in 3 easy steps...

  1. Create each new room at the click of a button
  2. Drag-and-drop feature icons into place (doors, windows etc)
  3. Click  'Plan Complete' and that's it... you're done!

Quick to produce

Our system is simple enough to create floor plans in minutes, yet powerful enough to meet all your drawing needs. With our intuitive drag and drop system, an average 3 bedroom house should take you less than 5 minutes. We actually put this to the test and some customers took less than 3 minutes. Fast enough? We certainly think so!


Floor plans have fast become an effective selling tool when it comes to property marketing, with home-buyers rating them as important as photos & room descriptions when searching for a property. Many sellers wouldn’t even instruct an agent if they didn’t offer them! In fact - properties marketed with a floor plan get 30% more interest than those without one. 

Fully compatible

Our floor plans are fully compatible with all property management solutions and in some cases integrated, making it even easier to upload your plans. There's no software to download, in fact you can access your account and draw plans from anywhere, anytime - as long as you are working from a device with a PC operating system.

Explore other drawing options and features


You measure, we draw – simply send us your sketch and we’ll deliver your professionally finished plan within 24hrs.

DEA Delivery

A unique service for DEAs to deliver floor plans directly to Estate and Lettings Agents.


Stand out from the crowd - customise your plans with our bespoke colour, logo and styling options.