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Metropix Training

Get the most out of our visualisation tools with a selection of easy to follow step by step videos, and learn how to use Metropix quickly and efficiently.

  • Clear step by step instructions on how to use Metropix features
  • Easy to follow video
  • How to use Metropix quickly and efficiently

Adding stairs

Put a staircase on your plan

Bay windows

Not an everyday occurance, but adding a bay is really simple

Copy symbols

Save time by duplicating symbols with our 'copy' tip

L shape room

When your room isn't quite a perfect square or rectangle

Curved walls

Adding a curve wall/bay window

Split level stairs

How to add split level stairs to your plan

Delete a wall

Deleting a wall from your plan, or creating an open plan space

Angled walls

Sometimes your rooms will be set at angle. Here's how to do it